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Coronavirus Update


In our effort to ensure your safety, as you come for your appointment you will notice several changes to our office procedures:
1. You will receive an email with a NEW health questionnaire AND  supplemental informed consent form. The health questionnaire and supplemental informed consent MUST be completed the day of your appointment and you must bring both signed, to the appointment. If you are unable to print from home, we will have these forms available for you at our office, but a parent or legal guardian will have to be available to sign. If this is NOT done, we will have to reschedule your appointment in the next 6-8 week rotation.  Each future visit will only require a newly updated and signed health questionnaire.  This will be required for the foreseeable future.
2. We highly recommend arriving 5-10 minutes early, and you will need to text or call our office at 318-396-6355 to let us know that you have arrived. We advise waiting in your vehicle until we let you know we are ready. At that time, a team member with appropriate personal protective equipment will greet you at our front door waiting for you or your child and verify (1) consent form and (2) health screening questionnaire have been completed. They both MUST be completed, SIGNED and DATED for the appointment date.
3. At that time, we will take your temperature before the appointment.
4. We are asking all patients to brush before coming to their appointment as our in office toothbrush station is closed and is now our hand sanitation sterilization station.
5. We will honor the 6 ft social distancing rule and ask that only the patient come inside the office and maintain a 6 ft distance or more while in the office. One parent or guardian will be allowed to accompany new patient exams or any special needs patient. Please contact us well in advance of appointment time if you have any special requests.
6. Each patient or parent coming into our office will be REQUIRED to wear a mask while walking through our office (we all will be doing the same). We ask that you please be wearing your own mask when you arrive, due to our limited available supply that must be used for our team members.
7. Everyone entering the office will be asked to disinfect their hands at our sterilization station before proceeding to their reserved chair.
8. These and other safety instructions will also be provided at the time of scheduling. All 3 of our office locations are being retrofitted so that any bracket or invisalign attachment removal that may create significant aerosols will be done in a private room along with a custom vacuum HEPA filtration unit.  Please be assured that our doctors and team members are all fully trained on current infection control procedures and will be using the most up to date and necessary Personal Protective Equipment available. So please don't be alarmed if we look a little different as we take care of you. Any and all protective barriers and equipment are provided to ensure your safety.
9. We apologize in advance but anyone arriving late will have to be rescheduled, as we have designed our schedule for maximum safety. Individual chair times booked on our schedule for patient distancing and for specific procedures must be blocked on our schedule for everyone’s protection.
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