Retainers will be required to maintain your orthodontic results after treatment is completed.

The Essix retainer is our most common type of retainer made for upper and lower teeth. They are transparent, removable retainers that fit over the entire arch of teeth. Similar to Invisalign trays, Essix retainers have no wires. They can be used for other treatments as well, including tooth movement, bridges and bleaching your teeth after orthodontics. In addition, patients with good oral hygiene may also receive bonded lower lingual retainers. Glow-in-the-dark type Essix retainers can be made at the completion of Phase I treatment if requested.

You are given a special case for your retainers; please make sure you keep them in this case when not wearing them! To clean your retainers, brush them with toothpaste (sometimes with denture cleaner) and rinse using cold water. Your retainer should also be removed when participating in sports that require a mouthguard or while swimming. Patients should never eat or drink anything except water while wearing their retainers and should always brush their retainers and their teeth before reinserting the retainers. Dr. Turpin will instruct you on how often to wear the retainers, however most of the time, 12 hours per day at nights are sufficient. To guarantee teeth never shift, we recommend retainer wear indefinitely.

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